Death is coming... Greaper OG edition by Sket-One x IamRetro!

"Greaper is the reaper of the souls of spent spray cans and it is here to collect! As a graffiti writer, I just wanted to mix spray paint with something fun and dark." ~ Sket-One

We were fortunate to get our hands on this awesome vinyl figure from artist Sket-One and could not wait to open it up for our YouTube channel... and the folks over at I.AM.RETRO did a bang-up job on the production of this. The packaging all the way down to the figure... so awesome, and as you can see in the video, it's a must own! Standing 7.5” tall "Greaper" is a darker take and perspective of a vinyl collectible toy with a graffiti touch. With an edition of only 777 this released via pre-order during NTWRK’s Unboxed Festival 2021... now, you can snag one up HERE for just $149.

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