OddFauna as a VIDEO GAME?!?! OddFauna: Secret of the TerraBeast... kickstarter is live!

There really ins't much better than 2 worlds colliding in terms of mediums when it comes to our designer toy niche... and the world of OddFauna is preparing to go digital with an amazing new video game! They are a husband and wife team. Emma is the Creative mastermind behind OddFauna. She has been creating the cast of characters for years now. A few years ago they started talking more and more about how great a video game would be in her world. Last year, Cliff quit his AAA game development job to make it a reality... and this is now up on Kickstarter with a few days left for funding!

That being said, everything in the game is hand-sculpted by Emma. This gives the world a very unique style. They are then hand-painted by Emma and handed off to Cliff. Cliff photoscans them cleans up the models. The animation style and the hand-crafted nature of the models gives the world a stop-motion type of feel, which we love.
The really cool thing about this campaign is they are offering up an exclusive "Ride" collector statue. They worked with Level 52 studio to create a beautifully made limited edition "Ride" statue. This high end collectible is a Kickstarter Exclusive. 3D scanned from Emma’s original sculptures, these statues will measure 8" and will be cast in Polystone. Packaged in a collectors box, they will come numbered and signed, with a certificate of authenticity. So not only can you get in from the ground level for the game, but get a designer toy as well - head on over HERE right now to be a part of this extraordinary opportunity!

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