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New from coarse... 'HARVEST – A STILL LIFE'... pushing the vinyl art toy boundaries, once again!

Always taking the designer art toy yo new levels, the guys over at coarse are excited to announce the release of HARVEST. Coarse mentions, "Classic still life paintings have always been in our blood. As young artists, we looked up to still life masters like Matisse and de Heem as we sketched the world around us, turning the ordinary into art." Harvest – A still life. [18'' / 45 cm] is an homage to these iconic works, and with 16 individual figures and one fruit bowl, it's their most complex vinyl sculpture to date. The arrangement depicts noop and paw! as they look back on their lives and all the versions of themselves they once were. The annual harvest will soon take noop away to an unknown fate, and he clings to his memories in one final wave of nostalgia before leaving his home forever.

Sets are modular, enabling you to arrange each sculpture in, on, or around the included fruit bowl so you can create your own still life. An interlocking web of stories and dimensions spanning the lives of noop and paw! fills the bowl, which can be displayed as the centerpiece of any dining room table. The sculpture comes in two unique editions. LUSH finds the past lives of noop and paw! in the vibrant colors of ripening fruits as the duo remembers better days. PAIN captures the sculpture in monochrome with signature red blood drips as noop says goodbye to the world that will go on without him.
Sets comprise up to 16 sculptures including 12 noop and paw! seedlings in various forms, one despondent noop, one repentant paw!, one branch of c-o-a-r-s-e leaves, one Locks grape bunch, and a fruit bowl engraved with nism tentacles, representing the separation between earth and sea. Each set comes in a color printed gift box and is safely embedded in black sponge. Both editions of Harvest are available in three different serving sizes for varying appetites: Set One - Three Seedlings ($96), Set Two - Fertility Bowl (limited to 456 for $388), Set Three - Abundance Bowl (limited to 345 for $618)... all of which will be available HERE on Tuesday, May 11th at 7:59am PST!

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