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Toy Art Gallery presents: HEXTRATERRESTRIALS handpainted Martin Ontiveros editions!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present two new editions of Martin Ontiveros' HEXTRATERRESTRIALS! The HEXTRATERRESTRIALS are a set of six scant sorcerers ready to spook you out! The HEXTRATERRESTRIALS are: The Lemurian Guard, The Astro-Yeti, The Four-lorn, The Succubus, The High Priest of Mu, and Tomb Prince. They stand 1.5" tall, feature one point of articulation each, and are decked out in Martin's inimitable designs.

The Cold Hell edition and Demonic Dusk edition are fully painted by Martin Ontiveros himself, with awesome sprays and picked out details. HEXTRATERRESTRIALS Martin Ontiveros-painted editions will be available HERE this Friday, April 30th for $75 a set.

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