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'Glacier Glow' Ectopod by TNT Plastic... a Tenacious Toys exclusive!

This spectral cephalopod may be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. The third character from TNT Plastic and first sculpt from resin artist, Iron Doc Sampson, the ‘ectopod’ makes its debut at Tenacious Toys in a glossy Glacier Glow colorway! TNT writes: "This piece was produced in-house by TNT Plastic and we couldn’t think of a better place for it to premiere than Tenacious Toys. Please join us in giving these spirits a second chance at life, on your shelf!"... and just look at that GLOW!!!

The first run of 20 pieces will also include a limited, one-inch ‘Baby Snalien’ in each box, in the original Tenacious Blue Snalien color (one in each order). Ectopod Glow is best charged by UV or sunlight. Front-light for extra sparkle! Ectopods are 3” tall, high-impact resin, created and handmade in America by TNT Plastic. Ectopods are $45 each and the first run of the Glacier Glow is limited to just 20 pieces, with each unit packed with a Tenacious Blue Baby Snalien! Subsequent runs, if they choose to have them made, will NOT come with the baby Snalien. Buy Ectopods HERE at 10am PST on May 3rd.

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