Scott Tolleson teases new release with Lowbrowee Toys... what is that, a Potato?!?!

We love getting teasers of upcoming figure releases and today we are excited to share some with you... some WIP images of a new character by artist Scott Tolleson (@mrscotttolleson), made in collaboration with Yaniv Brick (Lowbrowee Toys, @lowbrowee). Now... what do we know about the figure - not much.

That being said, we do know that the first colorway might make its debut this weekend on Scott Tolleson’s upcoming Popshop live event (code: STOLLE), Saturday, April 3, at 4PM (PDT), where more details on the figure will be revealed. Use the PSL app or the web address: https://popshop.live/scotttolleson. - so yeah, that's all the info we got and get to share - now you best tune in for more! For updates on this and other releases follow Scott’s IG account @mrscotttolleson and Lowbrowee Toys @lowbrowee.

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