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Nether Realm Tyrants by Radioactive Uppercut return from Toy Art Gallery!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present THE TYRANTS RETURN, featuring the NETHER REALM TYRANTS by RADIOACTIVE UPPERCUT! The NETHER REALM TYRANTS are back in three awesome editions: Purple Scare, Rainy Day, and MAZINGA, and all are only $12 each and $65 per set of 6! The TYRANTS are minuscule minions bent on domination using their terrible temper and ghastly charm. Each Tyrant measures 2.5" tall with an articulated head and massive amount of detail! The NETHER REALM TYRANTS are: Cain, Beleaguer, Abel, Pyromancer, Plague Sacrifice, and Mage of Set! They were designed by Radioactive Uppercut, sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios, and produced by Toy Art Gallery. Snag them up HERE this Friday, March 19th at 12Noon PST!

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