Splatterhouse is back! Unbox Industries is set to unleash the pain...

Unbox are thrilled to offer the fourth in the series of five characters based on the much loved classic videogame SPLATTERHOUSE (スプラッターハウス) Retroband and Zectron worked closely with Unbox & Namco Japan to help interpret the classic designs and translate them into breathtaking soft vinyl figures... first up will be the BIGGY MAN figure, and he's HUGE - standing a whopping 12" tall, this soft vinyl figure is hand painted and will retail for $120 a pop!

Next up... during an office move the Unbox team stumbled upon a few very rare special pre-release SPLATTERHOUSE (スプラッターハウス) Rick that were approved by Namco and released at Japan toy events (Superfestival & Wonderfestival). These RICK figures are crafted out of soft vinyl, stand 10" tall, and will come in both NEON pink and KESHI pink - super limited and will retail for $95 a pop! All these rad figures will release HERE this Saturday, January 23rd at 7am PST!

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