Years Adrift – Loser vinyl art figures from Coarse... release announced!

"Better days are here... You thought dark times would last forever, But they can't haunt you anymore. There are years in our lives when we don’t know where we are going or what our future holds. But eventually, no matter who we are, we begin to find our way." Years Adrift is about the end of that uncertainty, and the guys over at Coarse are thrilled to present this 18" [35.5 cm] premium vinyl sculpture in two editions. Loser [limited to 388 pieces] depicts Fever holding a monochrome goose as he tries to outrun his past with one brave step towards the unknown. Loser Blush [limited to 288 pieces] finds the goose in a spectacle of pinks, imbuing the lifeless creature with the vibrancy of life.
Years Adrift is also the first coarse sculpture with two display options: On the Wall – Every order includes the necessary fixtures to attach the sculpture to your walls so that nothing stands in Fever’s way as he prepares to jump. Free-Standing – The ledge can also be displayed safely on any flat surface. Years Adrift – Loser [limited to 388 pieces - retails for $298] and Years Adrift – Loser Blush [limited to 288 pieces - retails for $298] OR Years Adrift – Losers Together [Bundle - retails for $546]. These figure will release HERE on February 2nd at 7:59am PST - don't miss out!

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