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Diener Space Creatures XL Winged Amphibian Creature YELLOW 8.5" vinyl art toy by Last Resort Toys!

Last Resort Toys is back... and are looking to SUPERsize some figures again! This Winged Amphibian Creature is the first in the Diener Space Creatures XL line (which was part of a successful Kickstarter last year)... and this yellow version is super rad! The general backstory on the OG Diener Space Creatures eraser toys is just that they are well known for being ubiquitous and somewhat mysterious! Vending machines, school prizes, Happy Meal toys, cheap drug store toys, Dentist's office prizes--everyone had 'em, few remember where they came from! And these are licensed and 4X the size as the original mini figures - and Bryan sent one out for me to look at in person... and the video above is our first YouTube video for 2021 - so check it out and subscribe if you haven't yet!

So now, Bryan over at Last Resort Toys has a new Kickstarter up promoting the next figure in this line - The Veined Cranium Creature vinyl toy - go now to help make this figure a reality! Oh, and if you are interested in anything from LRT, Benny over at Tenacious Toys has his online store STOCKED up... so go HERE now!

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