'EAT' resin bootleg art toy from Six Foot Turkey Toys!!!

Six Foot Turkey Toys presents ‘EAT', based on the famous Stephen King clown, with an odd twist. As everyone knows, ‘It’ is capable of changing shape at will, feeding on the terror it produces in its victims. According to SFTT "In this new awakening, he has considered a good option to take the form of the glutton from which society is fleeing so much these days. Today's fears have changed, we live with too many inputs, and a killer clown won't have the same effect now as in '86. 'Eat' will chase you and your gang loaded with euro burgers and dodgy Dunkin donuts. He has also been seen terrorizing people in the gym and in organic supermarkets, no type of diet is safe this time..." Hand crafted in their home workshop, this bootleg casted resin figure stands 3.5" tall (8.3" tall on cardboard backer) and each one is numbered and comes with stickers. Available HERE starting on September 1st at 11am PST, these will retail for €40($47) plus shipping!

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