Cereal Box Toys Go! announces new Ushi-Oni one-off lottery!!!

Cereal Box Toys Go! just announced that they will be holding a lottery for 3 unique, one of a kind Ushi-Oni this Friday, August 21st. The result of genetic tampering, three test subjects underwent horrific experimentation resulting in brand new Ushi-Oni! Introducing the "Chaos" line, three unique, one of a kind Ushi-Oni sofubi hand painted by the brothers at Cereal Box Toys Go! "Experiment .01", leader of the pack, striped with lime green and yellow markings. "Experiment .96", second in command, orange and yellow furred. And "Experiment .97", the runt of the pack, vivid orange diamonds adorn its back.
All three Experiments will be available via lottery beginning 12noon PST this Friday, August 21st, lasting until Wednesday, August 26th at midnight PST. To participate just message the brothers at Cereal Box Toys Go! through their Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/cerealboxtoys/?hl=en ) with your name and which Experiment you'd like. Participants may enter for any number of Ushi-Oni, though each winner will be limited to the first figure they win. All Ushi-Oni are $125 plus shipping. Good luck!

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