Mighty Jaxx presents: Anti-Supremacy (The Vehemence) by Abell Octovan!

Mighty Jaxx, SpankyStokes, Artist, Limited Edition, Polystone, Abell Octovan / My Royal Ego, Bust, Mighty Jaxx presents: Anti-Supremacy (The Vehemence) by Abell Octovan
A sleek black bust with unique grey veining, dipped in red for a unique dual tone finish. Anti-Supremacy, from artist Abell Octovan, returns this week from Mighty Jaxx in a second colorway - The Vehemence. Anti Supremacy tells the story of how justice and honor should never be silenced. Inspired by classic greek sculptures – the perfect curls, the contrapposto, and the buttery smooth marble – this limited edition piece surely is one for the museum! Each piece is hydro dipped by-hand and will vary. Standing 12" tall and made of polystone resin, this will release as a 24hour timed drop and will kick off HERE this coming Saturday, March 7th at 6am PST for $269 a pop (Pre-Order Ships Aug 2020)!