Daniel Fleres launches UNPOP PROTOCOL... an online/interactive art show!

Daniel Fleres, Painting, Art Show, Video, Youtube, Artist, SpankyStokes, Robot, Daniel Fleres launches UNPOP PROTOCOL... an online/interactive art show
Artist Daniel Fleres sends word about a really cool project that he has been working on for some time now... he's created new body of acrylic paintings and worked with Kromatik Video and musician Chris Keeshan to develop a video art show. Think of the show as a video season with each painting presented as an episode within the season. The first episode is LIVE right now (see embedded video as well as visit Daniel's Youtube site HERE to subscribe)! It’s a unique idea, bypassing the traditional gallery opening in favor of an online global experience.

As you can see from the above master image, it's a nice preview so you can see what paintings are coming up... and the best part, you have the opportunity to purchase the pieces directly from Daniel before anyone else, as well as a chance to get digital prints on canvas of the pieces from the show. Such a cool idea, and if you do end up purchasing an original, you have a cool video documentary to accompany it! Please email danielfleres@yahoo.com for availability and/or for prints on canvas!