Mighty Jaxx presents: I Donut Care (Champagne Edition) by Abell Octovan!

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Caramel Donuts? Nah. Maple Bacon Donuts? Nah. What about Champagne Donuts? Heck yes... that's just what the second variant of I Donut Care is bringing! New from Mighty Jaxx and artist Abell Octovan, the golden glazed champagne donut is something you never knew you needed. Life got you down? Treat yourself to a tasty and sophisticated treat. Moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips they say? Flash 'em your finger and give less of a care, sometimes a champagne donut is just what you need. Standing at 8" tall, the vinyl collectible is decked out in a classy black and gold combination. Flip off the naysayers and take a snazzy stand with I Donut Care (Champagne Edition). You gotta treat yourself! Releasing HERE this Saturday, May 25th at 6am PST via pre-order for $129 a pop... expect them to roll out Q4 2019!