Keys designed by artists... introducing LOOK KEYS!

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Would you look at this... Look Keys, the brand-new lifestyle brand is teasing their awesome collection of Art Keys featuring extremely talented artists in the designer toy scene. These are ready-to-cut house keys that can be used in place of the standard, plain metal keys most of us carry around. The Art Key lineup features designs from: Alex Pardee, Amanda Louise Spayd, Amanda Visell, Andrea Kang, Chris RWK, Chris Ryniak, Greg 'Craola' Simkins, Hyperactive Monkey, Jermaine Rogers, Joe Ledbetter, J*RYU, Julie West, kaNO, Reactor-88, Sket-One and Yoskay Yamamoto - 16 in all. The keys are open-run, retail for $10 and will be available in two different key types (Schlage and Kwikset) which covers about 95% of USA household locks. Once someone purchases a key, they can take it to a hardware store to have it made into a copy of their existing plain key and from then on, have one of the best-looking keys out there. Unlike most decorated keys which feature designs printed/applied directly to the key surface, Look Keys feature a semi-rigid clear resin dome that protects the art. These are set to launch this Friday, May 3rd at 12Noon PST... and we will be sure to post a follow up then... keep those eyes peeled for more soon!