The cats out! Shinrin and Ninniku pre-order !

Meow On toys has been bringing us adorable yet badass handmade resin cat figures from astronauts, scuba divers, to warriors. This time they bring us a pair of legit ninja warriors: Shinrin and Ninniku! These figures stand about 13cm(~5 inches), are 100% handmade and every detail is sure to make you purr. They use what they call the ninja body cat (see pic below) and dress them up with real wood, rope and cloth to create these outstanding figures.

If you want to pre-order one or both, here are the details so far as posted on their social media: Release is right now, March 8th, 2019 - More info is on their IG HERE and Facebook page HERE 

  • You will need to comment under the pre-order post with the name of the piece, Shinrin or Ninniku and the quantity you desire 
  • They will then message you via PM for further details and pre-order confirmation. 
These will cost you $99 USD each and worldwide shipping is free. Make sure to send your payment within 3 days of the confirmation or your order will be canceled. No set limit has been given.