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Design your own CHOMP and get rewarded... bring on the Chompocalypse!

For days we have been teased as to what big announcement Abominable Toys had to reveal and now we have our answer.. and it was worth the wait! Abominable Toys has given everyone the opportunity to design their own Chomp! All you have to do is download any of their pre-made Chomp templates on their site HERE , get creative, and submit up to 4 of your best designs by posting them on Instagram with the hashtag #chompocalypse and tagging @abominabletoys. 20 entries will be chosen and then a public voting will be held to chose the 6 winning entries.

This the prize pack and... where it gets interesting:
  • The winning figures will get produced into an official Abominable Toys figure as a future release 
  • Winners get a prototype of the figure 
  • $250 in prize money 
  • $250 sent to a charity of the winner's choice 
Not only that, but winners will also get to work with the Abominable team on the box designs and logistics. Some of the rules are: Designs cannot have anything graphic, licensed or political. Also, by submitting your entries you are giving them full rights to your art . For all the rules and legal stuff visit their site, Instagram or Facebook page. Grab your #2 pencil or your digital pen and get started!