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Onsite Recap: 2petalrose at Woot Bear for Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja!!

2petalrose was in San Francisco this weekend for an amazing group show at Woot Bear! I believe he had not been in the area for 18-19 years, so it was definitely a treat for event attendees to see him! Woot Bear's been doing a great job bringing diverse artists to the Bay Area lately.

The pieces in the show were beautiful to behold - both the pieces that Liam made, and other contributing artists. Each piece is cast in resin, with handpainted detail, and accessories that feature custom, textured cloth. The pieces stand on their own as center pieces, you can display either alone or with similar figures/furniture elements.

It's clear that the show attracted a lot of attention - in addition to all of Liam's pieces selling out, and a large number of the customs too, there were some very early arriving fans! One fan waited starting at 5 am for their chance to get first pick! I believe that lucky fan picked up the custom by Quiccs! In general, everyone had to queue and prioritize their top choices. Usually things are more casual but this event was so packed, it was necessary!

Queuing fans also got their own treats - Woot Bear had tasty cookies on hand, and some lively conversation as local artists like Big C, rawrztoys, Zebulon and Steve Ferrera said hello. Others came later in the evening but I missed them!

Head on over now to see what's left of the show; there are only a few pieces, so I suggest you click, not bookmark! Congrats to everyone on a great show!