Happy New Year (2019) from SpankyStokes!!!

Another year is in the books, and all of us here at SpankyStokes.com wish you all a super productive, unbelievably fruitful, unrelentingly cool 2019! I am still taken aback by the outpouring of support that you have all shown us! As we continue to cover the designer toy scene to the best of our ability, we hope that you all continue to visit our site, our social media, and also share with us all the amazing things you create! There is so much stuff in the works right now for this next year and we are all stoked to bring you all along for the ride. 2018 showed some serious growth... with over 24 million page views in our sites history and 487k unique visitors to the site last year alone... not to mention the copious amounts of follows on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubePinterst, and Tumblr... we feel truly blessed to have you all along for the ride! Thanks once again for your patronage and support... it means the world! See you next year... in a few minutes (or already happening around the globe) that is :-) Let's crush 2019!!!