Klav's Surfer Fett for Monster Beach Party!

Philadelphia's Mothership Toy Gallery upcoming Monster Beach Party exhibition is truly appropriately named, the massive array of talented contributors each tasked with depicting something from that's lurched forth from its tomb, coffin, or haunted condo to stalk the sunny seaside sands. While not what one could call a "creature" per se, artist Kevin "Klav" Derken (he of the Creeping Death Robot Club fame) has given everyone's favorite fictional bounty hunter a vacation with his "Surfer Fett" pieces. Modified from resin castings from Klav's own original sculpt of Boba Fett, each unique piece is articulated at the neck and shoulders as well as coming with their own removable CDRC — or "creeping death robot club" — surfboards! Hand-painted with lacquer and oil paints, these phenomenal $160 apiece works will be available at the exhibition's opening (6pm on Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 223 W Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA) and — if surprisingly unsold by then — on the Martian Toys online store an hour later.
[Caption and word balloons in the header image "borrowed" from the classic 1978 issue of PUNK, Volume 1 – Number 15: Mutant Monster Beach Party.]

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