Simone Legno Signing at 3D Retro for SDCC 2018!!!

Simone Legno, the creative mind and co-founder of Tokidoki, was at the 3DRetro booth for a signing during SDCC! It was a fan crazed event, and we were on hand to witness the chaos!
The line was two people wide, with a total of 50 wristbands given out in the morning. So many fans were on hand, either waiting in line or walking past curiously, that the con crowd control folks were yelling for folks to keep going. Simone himself seemed very happy and surprised by all the fandom and took a photo of everyone! It's actually fun to see a world famous artist like himself still get excited by crowds.
Simone came prepared for all his fans, with a giant arsenal of pens. Fans were asking for all types of sketches, from either Tokidoki girl, to Tokidoki x Gudetama, to Street Fighter. He was very gracious with his doodles and took the time to take photos with everyone.
As a final nice surprise, the 3DRetro folks brought out several cases of the new Tokidoki Unicorno SDCC exclusive, so that fans in line could purchase one and get it signed by Simone. Such a good idea! Fans really got a treat with a signed unicorno, and sketch boards specially prepared for the event. I'd say this was a 3DRetro x Tokidoki success!

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