Kidrobot presents: City Cryptid Dunny Series!!!

The time is finally upon us... Kidrobot is excited to release the new multi-artist City Cryptid Dunny series curated by Disney designer and award winning artist, Scott Tolleson. This collectible vinyl art figure series features Dunny designs by an all-star cast of groundbreaking artists including Greg “Craola” Simkins, Chris Ryniak, Alex Pardee, Charlie Immer, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Lee, Candie Bolton, Skinner, Tara McPherson and Scott Tolleson. "In 2017, there were more cryptid sightings than any other time in history. The truth was later discovered that simply, these cryptids were tired of hiding. They were ready to integrate into human society. They were ready for life amid the bright lights. The city."... and that's why these beats are loose are ready to invade your collection!
We had a chance to unbox these last night LIVE via our YouTube channel (subscribe HERE if you haven't yet)... and the series is a ton of fun with a really great theme. Even with 10 duplicates in our case, we were only 3 figures away from completing the set, so the ratios are pretty good! Which one will you search for? Sasquatch by Skinner - 3/24 • Kappa by Scott Tolleson - 2/24 • Chupacabra by Alex Pardee - 2/24 • Wendigo by Scott Tolleson - 2/24 • Bunyip by Crayola - 2/24 • Ahool by Chris Lee - 2/24 • Jersey Devil by Chris Lee - 2/24 • Mothman by Chris Ryniak - 2/24 • Loch Ness Monster by Tara McPherson - 2/24 • ? - ??/?? • J'Ba Fofi by Crayola - 1/24 (Somewhat Rare) • Ningen by Charlie Immer - 1/24 (Somewhat Rare) • Kitsune by Candie Bolton - 1/24 (Somewhat Rare) • Flatwoods Monster by Amanda Louise Spayd - 1/48 (Extremely Rare) • ? - ??/?? (Extremely Super Rare Chase Piece) • ? - ??/?? (Extremely Super Rare Chase Piece)... all of which look great as individual pieces and even better as a set. Head on over to Kidrobot.com right now or go visit your local designer toy retail location.

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