Zectron x Papalemon x unbox - Atomic Alien Marbled Madness!!!

Zectron's release of The Atomic Alien is finally here. The head sculpt was inspired by the radiated alien from a long lost(banned)episode of UltraSeven. The body was created by Papalemon. The entire figure was produced by Unbox Industires in a beautiful array of marbled vinyl colors and assembled as a mixed parts release so no two figures are alike. Each creature is over 12 inches tall and made of 8 vinyl parts.

They will be sold blind bagged for only $90 dollars per figure. They will come bagged with a header, a hand stamped BANNED face cover, an exclusive vinyl sticker by Kotobuki_Man and a small handful of Atomic Fireballs. Dropping TODAY - Saturday, June 23rd at 12pm(NOON)PST in the littlerubberguys online shop. While supplies last!

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