Glow-In-The-Dark BUDFOOT Sofvi pre-order from Wonder Goblin announced!!!!

This Sunday, 7/1/18 starting at 8am PST - Glow in the Dark BUDFOOT 24 Hour Pre-Order from Wonder Goblin is happening!!! Yes, it is soon going to be time... get you hands on this massive 12" tall Sofvi figure for $125 a pop and how rad is this glow edition?!?! Featuring 6 points of articulation and coming numbered, bagged, and tagged with a header art card, and yes... it also comes with bong accessory... don't miss this drop - hit the store linke HERE at the above date and time!!!

ALSO, Film production update: For those of you following Wonder Goblin on instagram, you may have heard that he just wrapped shooting BUDFOOT the short film starring the one and only SKINNER. They have now entered the post-production phase, and hope to be able to release the film later this year with the goal is to present it to the toy community at DesignerCon in November! Stay tuned!

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