Doubleparlour's the "Bloaters" Sculpture Series Available Now!

I can't help but recall the Stone Temple Pilots's song "Dead & Bloated" when I hear the title of doubleparlour's newest sculptural creations, the embellished resin piece series known as "Bloaters". And I suspect this association isn't completely inaccurate, as the creepy, cute, and cool creations from the husband-and-wife artistic partnership bear some semblance to a dead body in an almost sleeping position, each of the five designs augmented by nightmarish hoods of fleshy strangeness over their heads. Ranging in size from 5- to 6-inches in height and 2-inches in width, each of these acrylic paint adorned resin pieces is only $60 in the doubleparlour online shop, where you can find all five designs available to purchase right now.

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