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Skinner × Unbox Industries's The "Thunder Brothers" Are Coming!

At a quick glance the above-pictured pieces look like some demented rendition of the so-called "Heroes in a Half-Shell", the TMNT team, which makes sense since psycho-surreal artist Skinner's design was "potentially for a secret [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtle project but the versions I turned in were deemed too evil", according to him when we first reported on these in December of 2016. Thankfully, Dan Willett of Unbox Industries recognized the potential in them and suggested, according to Skinner in our previous article, "continuing down the path of darkness and had me imagine a bunch of new mad max style animal demon spirits". Re-titled as the "Thunder Brothers", or "The Demons Of The Black Shell", the teaser text for this upcoming release denotes them as being "Spirit demons of ill-dispose". Filled with deep details and grotesque aspects, the trio pictured in the above teaser appear to be cast in three colored vinyl variations, including a corpse-like blue/white, a sickening green, and an ominous purple. But, for the truly sharp-eyed, you might notice that each appears to have a different head design which is especially obvious when looking at the varying ear shapes between them! With initial statements from 2016 placing these around the 8- to 9-inch tall height range, we can't wait for a proper reveal of these beasts, though we'll satisfy ourselves with the original 3D sculpt images that are pictured below for now, realizing that these might no longer be representative completely of the final product…

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