The Toy Bunker's "Kojogon" Returns to Pollute your Nightmares!

For last year's ToyCon UK, English creators The Toy Bunker conceived, sculpted, cast in resin, and hand-painted the debut renditions of their "Kojogon" creation, a monstrously alive factory building that was spewing forth pollution. With these original versions having a very Elegab inspired aesthetic in my opinion, especially capturing the feel of that artist's "Warsgon" creation, it's nice to see The Toy Bunker have revisited the general idea for "Kojogon Phase 2" but this time kept it more their own feel with several nods to the classic Hedorah design. For the first edition of "Kojogon Phase 2", six one-of-a-kind renditions have been hand-painted, each coming packaged in a bag with an item-specific header card. Standing roughly 4¾-inches (12cm) tall with a 5½-inch (14cm) arm span, this beast's main body sits on a detachable slime pollution base and comes with magnetic articulated arms! Already available in The Toy Bunker's online shop for $43 apiece, don't delay on securing the coloration that calls to you!

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