SURPRISE!!! JANKY: Limited Edition Art Toys by Superplastic has officially launched!!!

Well... what wasn't supposed to go live until 6am PST on May 15th, went live earlier this evening... and the folks over at Superplastic (Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee) will be waking up to some exciting news - actually, I'm sure they already know - but this became fully funded within 4 hours of the project launch on Kickstarter. Janky is here, and wow are there some exciting options for folks to get behind. Pledges start at $28 and go to $5000... and everywhere in between... and this Kickstarter has something for everyone. Superplastic’s launch edition toys feature designs by 16 well-known artists including: Ricardo Carvolo (Spain) • El Grand Chamaco (Mexico) • Camilla D’Errico (Canada) • Pete Fowler (UK) • Huck Gee (USA) • Mark Gmehling (Germany) • Joe Ledbetter (USA) • Jason Limon (USA) • McBess (France) • Junko Mizuno (Japan/USA) • Dolly Oblong (Switzerland/Korea) • Jake Parker (USA) • Sket One (USA) • Tado (UK) • Bubi Au Yeung (Hong Kong) - and the 3" versions all come blind boxed, so yeah... the thrill of the hunt!
Like mentioned above, the prices range from $28 for a handful of 3-inch toys to $5,000 for an exclusive handmade 4-foot version. Other super limited-edition toys available on Kickstarter include a giant sized 8” SuperJANKY entitled Ro-Mu-Lo by Mexican artist El Grand Chamaco and Maximilian Cash by UK artist Pete Fowler - a psychedelic 9-inch tall vinyl toy with fangs, sneakers, a boombox, and a glowing blue skull. Both are limited to just 666 pieces... check them out below... and how about those sizes??? Pretty solid!

So now that the basic goal of $25K was reached, there will be a range of fun challenges and exclusive stretch goals unlocked. Kickstarter backers get to launch toys into space, write a Haiku about their favorite toy, or get a JANKY tattoo. When all 35 challenges are completed, every single backer gets an extra JANKY toy for just one dollar... this is going to be fun to watch - who's in for the tattoo?!?!

Partway through the campaign Superplastic will also unveil JANKYLAND , a 3-D rendered glitch-art mobile game where fans can play for free on iPhone & Android (preliminary screen shots above)... branching out and hitting all the markets, why not?!?! So what are you waiting for... join all the backers right now, join the revolution... head on over HERE to snag up the right package just for you - get JANKY!

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