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Gorgocho's "Ukiuk" Exclusive Custom APs Available Now!

When artist Charles Rodriquez got the chance to do his own evoltion of fellow Red Mutuca Studio member Quiccs's "TEQ63", he delivered the beautiful "Ukiuk" to Martian Toys for production. Depicting a wolf that appears a bit bundled for cold weather, it's possible this piece's title come from the Iñupiat word for "winter", ukiuq, as Rodriquez's title would sound similar to the Alaskan natives term while also emphasizing the UK-based nature of the piece's debut at ToyCon UK. Regardless, Rodriquez has offered his artist proof copies of "Ukiuk" and instead of offering the roughly 6-inch tall pieces as is, he hand-modified each one personally, carving into the vinyl, sculpting new tail aspects, sanding the finished work to a smooth finish, and repainting aspects like the jackets that are emblazoned with a stylized "G" for his Gorgocho artist alias. Referred to as the "Ukiuk Exclusive Custom AP White" and "Ukiuk Exclusive Custom AP Black" pieces, each color is limited to only 5 numbered copies available For additional information, such as cost including shipping, send Rodriquez your request with you mailing address to gorgocho [at] gmail [dot] com.

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