REVEALED: TADO's "Mr. Kabutomushi Janky" from Superplastic!

I feel like it's been too long since we saw new designer toy work from the adorable art duo TADO, but the advent of Paul Budnitz's new company Superplastic appears to have brought them back into the light. For the launch of Superplastic's debut release, the upcoming "Janky, Series 1" collection, TADO have designed the pictured "Mr. Kabutomushi" creation for the brand's fox-like "JANKY" form. Kabutomushi (カブトムシ) is the native name for the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, though the word literally means "insect helmet", like the one this design wears upon its head. With the recent revelation that "Janky, Series 1" will be available through a Kickstarter campaign, we assume these pieces will be sold blind boxed, though we'll know for sure on May 15th, 2018 at 12pm Eastern time when the project officially launches!

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