Retroband's "Dawn of the MEATS" for Five Points Festival!

Fans of George A. Romero's 1978 film Dawn of the Dead will surely recall the iconic imagery that adorned the theatrical posters, soundtrack album covers, and home media box art, a half revealed zombie head emerging from behind a flat black surface. Designed after one of the living dead depicted in the film, this bald plaid-shirted zombie character is seen in the airport chart house scene and has since become a famous creation representative of the entire movie. Heck, even The Walking Dead paid tribute to this shambling character, doing there own adaptation of him in the 15th episode of Season 3. And now Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys appears to be planning a homage to this character of his own, teasing a "Dawn of the MEATS" rendition of his 12-inch tall "MEATS" vinyl figure. While little is known as this time, we do know that this piece will either be first available or exclusive to the upcoming Five Points Festival, specifically from Unbox Industries's Booth #338. Pictured below are some of the beautifully crafted garments and accessories that will adorn each hand-painted piece, the figures accompanied by specially made hand-painted header cards by the artist. With no news as to the number being made available, which could be as low as one, make sure you follow Retroband's Instagram account for further updates.

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