Huck Gee's "SKLFKR" gets the Creeping Death Robot Club Treatment!

At last year's Five Points Festival, artist Kevin "Klav" Derken left us breathless with his impressively packed booth of creations (see recap here) and it seems he's poised to be just as impressive this year, bringing at least 30 new customs and original works to the convention! One piece that will surely attract crowds is his hand-painted rendition of Huck Gee's "SKLFKR", a massive 20-inch tall beast that has been augmented by Klav's signature knobs and tubes. Featuring 11 points of articulation, as well as a removeable axe accessory, the faceplate opens to reveal the cockpit, in which Klav has placed a pilot made from an adorable Yotsuba&! figure's head that the artist had lying around. Adding a playful side to an otherwise grimly beautiful work, this piece will be available to purchase at Klav's Creeping Death Robot Club booth #443 during Five Points Festival, with his works available there ranging from $10 unpainted resin pieces to this massive "SKLFKR" magnificence, which will set one lucky collector back a cool grand.

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