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Octoplus Gallery × Dr.chickeye's "Punk Ancestor" One-Offs!

P爺 of Octoplus Gallery recently tackled Dr.chickeye's "Punk Ancestor" form, granting a beautifully muddy paint application to the base before sculpting one-of-a-kind masks for these "Mask Punk" creations to wear. And while the form itself has lots of aspects from classic kaiju lurking under its stubby mohawk, such as Ultraman's ears, Alien Magma's arm, and even Godzilla's body, these renditions of add a bit more of the punk feel — or at least a The Warriors meets Thunderdome post-apocalyptic vibe — through the Jason Voorhees styled hockey mask and the beaked Plague Doctor costuming. With these 4⅗-inch tall vinyl pieces each being unique, a total of two one-of-a-kind works created, those interested in acquiring either of these (or both) will have to join a free-to-enter lottery by emailing drchickeye [at] 163 [dot] com with your Instagram username, full name, mailing address, PayPal email account, phone number, and your choice of one piece from the pair or both. The winner(s) will be notified by email or PayPal payment request, though don't dawdle on entering… new submissions will no longer be considered starting on May 20th, 2018!

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