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Is that Emperor Palpatine? No, it's Killer Bootlegs's Absolute Ruler Thuban!

Obviously inspired the appearance of an elderly yet potent dictator in a sci-fi epic that needs no naming, Killer Bootlegs's psychedelic action figure space oddessy expands by one more all new character: Absolute Ruler Thuban! Known as "The Alpha Draconis", he is "the single most powerful and adept celestial black mage in all the cosmos", according to Killer Bootlegs's Peter 'Wheatstraw' Goral. "He rules with an iron fist and has killed countless of innocents in pursuit of 'The Stone'," Goral explains in the character's backstory, which includes how he "resurrected his apprentice, Count Draco Knuckleduster and trained him in the art of evil wizardry". As for what his ultimate goal is, Goral ominously imparts that he "will not stop his interstellar rampage until The Curse of The Crytocrystalline Stone has been broken and he alone can wield it's unlimited power…". A 3¾-inch tall, "vintage style" handmade resin action figure, this ominously old tyrrant comes complete with cane and snake accessories. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces, these are available now from Killer Bootlegs's online shop for $70 apiece.

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