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Mighty Jaxx announces their Dikku-san blind box series!!!

Welcome to the world of Dikku-san! You may be wondering, “isn’t a dick-character a little too crude?“. Well, yes, but only in YOUR universe! Being a dick in the world of Dikku-san is the only way of life! They wrestle fair and square, get piss drunk on Friday nights, judge their sons-in-law while drinking ocha, pretend to look busy at work and send their kiddos to school! Despite being shy, sensitive creatures, these lovely dicks find it hard to gain acceptance from other species because of the way they look. They have always hesitated about showing up in the human universe, until now!

Introducing Dikku-san, the first blind box series designed by Mighty Jaxx, featuring 5 endearing characters going about their daily lives plus a mystery chase which you’ll only find when you find him! Releasing this Saturday, May 26th at 7am PST... Want the full set plus the chase? Greatly increase your chances by purchasing a case of 12! And to top it all off, the case of 12 comes in a beautiful display box, so start your Dikku-llection today! Retailing for $9.90 for single Blind Box, $119.88 for Case of 12 pieces, these measure 1.8" – 2.5" tall and are made of vinyl with an expected shipping date of the 4th Quarter 2018!

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