FREDDY SWAT (Black and Green edition) from Million Dollar!!!

Thailand based artist, Non Odny aka Million Dollar sends word about his latest release... and this one packs some serious fire power. Introducing FREDDY SWAT... the newest form of doggy enforcement! Standing 4.5" tall and releasing in 2 colorways - BLACK and GREEN - this figure is limited to 150 pieces (each colorway) and only 70 pieces of each will be released via Facebook on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 6am PST for 1850baht($60) a pop! Produced by TOYZERO+, these will be released via Facebook.

To enter for a chance to purchase one of these you need to head on over to their Facebook page HERE at the above date and time and find the post with the order info and then COMMENT UNDER THE POST: Example - 1 Black / 1 Green / 1 Set (both colors). If the edition has sold out, there will be a post stating so... and if you end up getting one, you will be DM'd to confirm the reservation. Expect all orders, once processed, to ship out around June 20th! Best of luck to all trying for these.

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