Wonder Goblin announces new BUDFOOT and QUEEN HAGOPUSS releases for Five Points!!!

James Sizemore aka Wonder Goblin is going to Five Points Fest, June 2-3 at the Brooklyn Expo Center in NY... and with him, a slew of exclusive soft vinyl figures! First up, and oh so how epic he is, the Budfoot "Skeletor OG" edition! This is limited to just 9 pieces and is set to retail for $300 a pop! The Budfoots stand in at 14" tall and articulate at 6 points... and each one comes with the wicked bong you see in the photo above. Not to be outdone... Queen Hagopuss will also be at the con!
Wonder Goblin's awesome Queen Hagopuss will be making an appearance as well in what James is calling the "Purple People Eater" edition! Standing 9" tall with 7 points of articulation, this edition will be limited to 7 pieces and will retail for $300 a pop! Oh... and James mentions that he will be bringing some other surprises as well! All of this will be going down at booth #339 (with Grizlli Atom, Izumonster (Blood Guts Toys) and Synapse Toy).

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