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Coarse Toys's Upcoming Handmade Resin Sculpture Debuts!

For the upcoming Shanghai Toy Show (April 5-7) and Thailand Toy Expo (May 3-6), Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk of coarse studio have revisited two of their older designs in exceedinly limited, handmade resin sculpture editions. Depicting the boy named "Fever" and one of the owl-like "Omens", a unique resin reinterpretation of the duo's "souls gone mad" set was previously seen in 2014 under the title "vulnerable souls - eclipsed", this new version following the naming scheme by being titled "vulnerable souls - pantheon". As for the smaller, 13-inch tall set, it is "clouds over noop II – false paradise", a return of their popular human-like character in a completely evolved rendition of the cloud-covered characters seen in 2008 at their Berlin 4010 show. With both sets limited to editions of only 3, it is always breath-taking to see 'new' works like these that embody the fine artistry that is coarse.

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