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James Groman × InstincToy's "King Korpse (Snarling Sasquatch ver.)" Announced!

Last year, James Groman and InstincToy's "King Korpse" creation stormed the world with more striking life when the "Snarling ver." of the beast was introduced, with its open-mouthed head and creepy "Skeleton Lady" accessory. And for its first full-color rendition, the duo continues their previous exploration of 'existing' Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMAs) that started with last year's "Yeti" edition, its coloration based on the abominable creature rumored to live in the snowy mountains. Introducing the "Sasquatch" edition, modeled after the coloration of Bigfoot himself, his dried, peeling, and rotting skin tautly pulled off to expose muscles and blood vessels. Limited to 88 pieces worldwide, all packaged in a gunnysack pouch with a print illustration, alloy emblem, and a leather tag with laser-cut serial numbers, this newest "King Korpse" production will be completed in the Summer though special pre-order slots for this edition will be available at ToyCon UK in April, Thailand Toy Expo in May, New York's Five Points Festival in June, and Japan's Wonder Festival in July. With 10 to 15 slots for this ¥63000 (approx. $600) beast offered at each of those shows, these will be followed by an international sale for the remainder through an online lottery in August.

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