VileSore's MaBa Zombie-esque "Necropile" from Deadly Delivery!

Welcome, gentle readers, to The Laboratory of Mad Dr. Fear! The Japanese market's version of Mattel's Mad Scientist Monster Lab, this toy inspired a line titled ゾンビーズ, known to English speaking fans as the Ma-Ba Zombies, a series of 2-inch tall rubber monster figures with hollow bodies that you would fill up with slime. And now the iconic look of these MaBa Zombie creatures has become the basis for the newest release for several releases from Deadly Delivery, including the pictured new piece by the collective's newest member VileSore!
Using a similar wordplay title as the 1997 film The Necro Files, this roughly 2-inch tall "Necropile" has been cast, it appears, in a sickeningly white-gray resin. As the intricately sculpted work peels its own flesh from the bone, this limited edition piece will be available on Saturday, March 17th, 2018 at 10am Pacific time exclusively from the Deadly Delivery online shop for, most likely, $30 each.

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