MJ Hsu's "Ellie, the Jellyfish Princess" Available Now!

Taiwanese-American artist Mei-Jean Hsu, known under her abbreviated name of MJ Hsu, has been making her adorable Aquacorns, Delectables, and Donutsu since 2015. And now its time to meet her creative take on the mermaid myth, "Ellie, the Jellyfish Princess"! Placing the lady-like upper torso atop a jellyfish form, it's bulbous base becoming a flowing skirt with tendril legs emerging from underneath, this 8½-inch tall form debuted at UVD Toys's DesignerCon booth last year and they've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to create it! Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, you can ensure yourself a copy of this beautiful vinyl & ABS figure in the pictured "original" coloration at the $100 tier or in the more blue-hued Kickstarter exclusive rendition for $110 apiece, and the Kickstarter campaign also offers the above-pictured resin jellyfish friend & companion, Penelope, for as low as $55 apiece or $160 for the Princess and her Pet!

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