Sphynx Maneki Neko and Mini Sphynx (light & dark) from SomeStrangeThings!!!

More Sphynx... yes, but from another maker... this is the Marcos Lorenzo (SomeStrangeThings) designed Sphynx Maneki Neko Light version and the Mini Sphynx versions, Light and Dark, all of them Limited Series. Sphynx Maneki Neko Light version is the same as the original one but in different color skin. Mini versions are scaled versions of the bigger ones but with some little differences: mainly the Maneki Neko has a magnet in its paw that helps it to hold metal stuff like metal bottle caps. Another thing is that it’s possible to order any of the Sphynx cats without tattoos.

Sphynx Maneki Neko Light is the same size as the original, a limited series of 30 units, homemade handcrafted resin toys, 5.9" high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic/metal) studs and spikes. Mini versions are 4" high and similar characteristics, also limited series of 30. This sculptures are a world wide release and available HERE right now from now priced at 150€($184) and 50€($61) respectively. Deliveries are planned in about two months but there will also be some copies available at ToyConUK 2018.

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