Fools Paradise's "Mission Rehearsal : Saving Clark Kent" Coming Today!

While Batman and Superman have a lasting and enduring friendship, they also can be seen as frenemies half the time. But, ultimately, I think they each want the best for each other. And that seems to be the inspiration behind Fools Paradise's "Mission Rehearsal : Saving Clark Kent", depicting two astronauts in vaguely Wayne Enterprises branded spacesuits that are practicing resuscitation on a slightly Superman looking practice doll. And, to me, the best little touch are the SUPREME-like logos that instead read SUPER ME. Roughly 1/6th scaled figures, this beautiful set will be limited to a maximum of 298 copies worldwide, the pieces formed out of PVC plastic and soft vinyl. Pre-order begins today (March 22nd, 2018) at 9am Pacific time in the Fools Paradise online site for $295 apiece, with finished works expected to ship in the Fall of this year.

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