Clive Barker × Retroband's Hellraiser: Pin-occhio?!?

Aaron Moreno of Retroband has teased his next hand-made 1/18th scale resin figure, the entire edition for which will be cast from an original sculpt by the artist as well as be hand-painted by him! Inspired by the Pinocchio rendition introduced in Seraphim's "Hellraiser: Anthology" graphic novels, titled "Pin-occhio", this wooden boy has adorned himself with nails in the head as a homage to the Hell-Priest himself, the Lead Cenobite known as Pinhead. While the above-pictured art is by Riley Schmitz for the character's anthology appearances, the below-pictured backing card art for the piece were created by Moreno's frequent collaborator, Gabriel "Worthy Enemies" Hernandez. With these pieces, which are to-scale with 'standard' 3¾-inch tall figures, limited to an unknown but surely small quantity, we do know that they are being made specifically for the master himself, Clive Barker! It's undisclosed if Moreno or Barker will be the one's offering them for sale, or if these are a special edition for some event, but we'll update you as soon as we find out.

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