VIDEO REVIEW: Boon Velvet's "She Headless Horse"!

Having part of his lower spine crushed in an accident back in 2002, Boon Velvet's promising photography career was cut short following surgery at the end of 2009, which left his bedridden and with a nerve condition that causes near constant pain. But this is not a tale strictly of tragedy, as his creativity triumphed and he focused his mind to something new: designer toys. Introduced to the Lulubell family by BlurbleOne, Boon Velvet was able to conceive his own soft vinyl creation, "She Headless Horse", and execute it with the help of others. For my newest video review, I discuss not only the history of Boon Velvet and "She Headless Horse", which was inspired by a 19th-Century ghost story, but also show off the many beauitful angels of this beast!

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