The TSA flags down Ron English's "Dinogrenade" on Instagram!

We were alerted of this story/photo by one of our readers (Thanks, Jason)... and it's too funny not to share! It appears that the official Instagram for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) flagged the above photo... and yes, that's one of Ron English's hot pink Dinogrenade's - the "Missing Link in the Evolution of Destruction!" - we posted about the release HERE back in 2015. Now... the TSA account stated "While one might say that this pink plastic dinosaur-shaped grenade is dino-mite, it’s not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage. Yeah, I know… It’s a pink plastic toy. But as I’ve explained before, anything that resembles a grenade is not permitted. At all. Jurassic’n for a bag search if you pack one. This one was discovered by a TSA officer (not a paleontologist) in a carry-on bag at Denver (DEN)." - hahaha, too funny! So... point taken on trying to fly with a vinyl Dinogrenade, it's not legal :-) You know what is legal though... owning one for yourself - snag the limited few up for grabs HERE right now!

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