Strangecat Toys presents: "Misappropriated Icon" Bootleg Kaws Dissected Companion custom show!

Check out this awesome group show coming up as Strangecat Toys is excited to announce their "Misappropriated Icon" group custom show! Featuring custom work on the 16" Kaws Dissected Companion reproductions (Bootlegs)... it doesn't get more real then the original fake... and they have a great linup of artists currently working on this massive platform, which includes: FER MG, Ink Visuals, Jay222, JC Rivera, Jellykoe, Jesse Hernandez, Mike Fudge, MP Gautheron, Nugglife, Prime, Shiffa, The Bots, and Tomodachi Island! Set to kick off at Redefine Gallery on March 15-22, be sure to follow along as we post up the pieces for this show very soon!

**UPDATE** So to squash any drama caused by the bootlegs being used, Strangecat Toys has decided to pay Kaws a royalty on each custom sold... and is asking that any artist using bootlegs for commissions to do the same, and to us... that seems like the right thing to do!

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