InstincToy's Chocolate Series 2018 Announced!

Joining the previously teased "Chocolate Series" edition of "Mini Erosion Molly" will be joined by several other InstincToy produced pieces, all cast in sweet treat colorations and carrying the actual scent of chocolate! Aside from the brand's collaboration with Kenny Wong on "Erosion Molly" in full-size as well as mini, this new series also include's the company's frosty T-rex evoltion "Ice Vincent" as well as their blog mascot "Booo-Ma"! Those interested in getting one, two, or even all four of these pieces will have until February 21st, 2018 to submit into an online lottery, winners being notified shortly thereafter and able to purchase their winnings for the respective sums. To learn more about these pieces, as well as how to enter the lottery for them, please visit HERE.

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