Igor Ventura channels "Animal Farm" for his Kidrobot Wild Ones Dunny designs!

The next reveal from Kidrobot for the upcoming the Wild Ones Dunny series is the awesome designs from Brazilian based artist Igor Ventura. Along with a sketch of his chase 'Napoleon' Dunny we posted to our instagram HERE... he goes into detail about why he decided to create his characters with a strong story/theme. He mentions: "My designs in the Wild Ones Dunny series are inspired by the George Orwell book Animal Farm. I had already read the book when I was a child, so I was familiar with the story and thought it would fit perfectly with the theme for the series. I did a lot of research, watched the animated film based on it, and came up with 3 main characters from the book that could tell a great story: A Berkshire boar named Napoleon, that leads the animals against the humans, but later turns into the very thing he was against - A combination between a donkey named Benjamin, one of the oldest and wisest animals on the farm, and a horse named Boxer, a loyal, hard working and respectable cart-horse, although quite naive and gullible - A Sheep, showing limited understanding of the Animalism and the political atmosphere of the farm; yet nonetheless blindly supporting Napoleon's ideals. Since they don’t have a name on the book, I named it Aries, after the scientific name of sheep, Ovis Aries. The only animals from the book that wear clothes are the Pigs, but I gave myself some artistic freedom and decided to give the other characters clothes as well, to help developing their personalities. I also used phrases from the book printed on their backs, to better represent what each of them was about. The color palette I used was also thought to give a vintage feel and pay homage to George Orwell’s masterpiece." - see, we told you that these were really thought out!

Super clean vector work along with some really strong stylistic choices make Igor's work really shine, and the production on these is really quite impressive... and how can we not mention again the supporting story based on a classic novel - these designs have it all! The WILD ONES will be let loose on Friday, February 9th at most all designer toy retail locations worldwide... don't miss out!

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